How to Market Your Tele-health Services

A few years back, if someone told you about telehealth services, you would have said that it is still a far-fetched dream. However, fast forward it to today and you will witness how the adoption of telehealth services in the healthcare industry is spreading like a wildfire. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian healthcare industry has been transformed from top to bottom. Hospitals have understood the importance of telehealth services during the pandemic and it is safe to say that it has become an integral part of the healthcare system. 

Telehealth Marketing is the Next Big Step
The healthcare industry always reinvents its delivery systems when a crisis occurs. And same has happened due to COVID-19. Both providers and patients have come to embrace the benefits of telehealth during the pandemic.

Telehealth (aka telemedicine, telemedical, mobile health, m-health, e-health) has become a powerful and widely accepted medium now. This coupled with tech-enabled delivery in healthcare, one can now reach more patients, enhance their experience and provide top-of-the-line care right from the comfort of the patient’s home. What’s more, it appears that the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled wearables and accessories are emerging in the market to improve the way we take care of our patients. 

For hospitals, doctors and healthcare practices, telemedicine has opened a new door. Some of them have already started taking advantage of this new environment, while others are still considering how this industry evolution shapes the new normal for them.

At this time, the major challenge is how you can take leverage of telehealth services and technology for greater performance. This service proves to be an excellent opportunity to differentiate and take a leadership position. 

How You Can Take to Leverage of Telemedicine Marketing Opportunity
Technology always plays a pivotal role to strengthen the provider-patient connection. It also helps to enhance the patient experience, practice operations, and more. Promote this new level of convenience that has universal consumer appeal. So, if you are planning to take the leverage of telehealth services, here are some of the best ways to implement them:

Update your website: Websites acts as your first point of contact with most of your prospective patients and many current patients. This is primarily because patients will first go to your website and will get the relevant information from there only. There is a chance that your website has not changed as rapidly as your practice. So, to take leverage of telehealth services, you need to showcase them prominently on your website. This is a critical opportunity to revise or replace what people find online. 

Using patient portal: This is one of the most vital tools for secure two-way online communication. The portal is meant for confidential, HIPAA-compliant email, appointments, prescription info, visit summaries, and patient instructions. So, you should promote it as a part of your new service mix, to get maximum results. 

Use Organic and paid social media: This is probably one of the most effective ways to get directly in touch with your target audiences. One should use social media to connect better with your patients. This will also help you build a loyal audience for your business. 

Use educational videos: Using education videos about complex procedures and more will help in informing patients about a medical topic. It will also provide pre-and post-care particulars.

External advertising: Investing in broadcast and other means of external advertising helps you build your brand and it also helps in getting the right word out to your target audience. 

Sending telehealth marketing emails: Sending marketing emails about telehealth services will help the past and current patients to under its benefits and features. 

Promote the benefits of immediacy: The service is a simple, natural, and convenient first step toward urgent treatment.

Internal POP signage: Use in-office signs and posters to reinforce your message. Keep it fresh by incorporating staff/provider conversations with patients.

Here are some other ways through which you can implement telehealth services:

  • Think about branded advertising.
  • With each patient phone call, offer a telehealth option.
  • Use email blasts and social media frequently.
  • Use direct mail to reach out to patients and the general public.
  • Make sure your local online directories are up to date.
  • Update metadata frequently.
  • Invest in social media ads that are compensated.
  • Success tales from the present
  • Encourage patients to write about their experiences with your service in their reviews.
  • Present telehealth benefits in blog and newsletters

Why Should you Do this?
Using telehealth services will only help you go forward and be a leader in your segment. The implementation of these services will help you protect your market share and will help to attract new business. It will build an online professional reputation for your brand and expand your service area. It also increases operational efficiency and boosts patient satisfaction and retention.

Should understand this: Most patients want it. They love the idea of getting treatment right from the comfort of their home. This is why this is a timely, win-win opportunity to expand and promote telehealth services. However, one should know that the competition may have the same opportunity. So, it is vital to implement telehealth services in your business as soon as possible. That said, if your telehealth marketing plan needs a fresh perspective, connect with us to explore how to leverage your message ahead of the competition.

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