How to Improve your Healthcare Call Centre for Better Results

Call centre play an important role in the healthcare industry. Yes, we agree that marketing and advertising bring people in, but call centres are the ones that connect with them for the first time. So, if they don’t provide a great experience to them, your growth might get affected in the long term. The Healthcare industry is all about the positive and meaningful patient experience. So, please make sure that you provide effective communication during the early stages of the patients’ journey.

But how do you do it? Getting a proper and modernised call centre is the answer. Patients are now looking for more in-depth information about different topics, which means it’s time to upgrade from a conventional call centre to a modern contact centre.

What is a contact centre?
It is a cloud-based or internet-connected platform that allows your staff to communicate with patients through various ways for Dr Appointment, medical bills, medical report, EHRs, and more right from one place. The primary goal of a modern contact centre is to elevate the whole experience for both new and existing patients. In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits of a modern contact centre and some best practices to improve your healthcare call centre to get maximum results.

Benefits of Switching to Modern Contact Center
Switching to a modern contact centre will scale up your business. We know that most of the healthcare brands still prefer legacy systems or traditional call centres. However, switching to a modern contact centre will help achieve a better customer experience while cutting down on unnecessary costs. Here are some benefits of a modern contact centre.

Single platform: You can save your cost by getting rid of the hardware installation and maintenance of a legacy system. A modern contact centre requires lesser operational costs.

Healthcare integrations: A modern contact centre will act as a one-stop for your staff that provide medical billing, EHRs, CRMs, and more. Provides different ways to communicate: These contact centres can reach out to the patients through various mediums including emails, text messages, and more. Gone are the days when you have to rely solely on calls to communicate with patients.

Advanced Analysis: The cloud-based modern contact centre provides real-time data that will help you to analyze and improve your performance.

Apart from this, a modern contact centre also saves costs, offers better access points to patients, improves patient’s experience, and more.

Best Practices for Healthcare Call Centres: Here are some best practices that you should follow for your healthcare call centres:

Identify your goals
First, identify the reason why you want to upgrade your call centre. Once it’s done, you can then easily identify the challenges and how you can overcome them. So, for example, if you have an old legacy system, it might be time to change it completely and you might want to consider how you can transfer from an older model to a modern solution.

Takes Small Steps
Although it is vital to switch from old models to newer modern contact centres, we do not suggest that you do it in one go. Take your time and plan it out in stages. So, for example, if you have three to four call centres, you should start with the first one and wait for the results. It is always easier to migrate this way.

Give Proper on-boarding
Once you set up a modern contact centre, it is also vital to give proper onboarding to the new staff. You should train your staff so that they get familiar with the new system and know some basic details like how to pronounce doctor names, customer service protocols, and more. You should also come up with a training programme that keeps your staff updated with what’s happening within your organisation. That way they will feel more involved and will be excited about their jobs.

Monitor Quality Assurance
It is also vital to monitor the quality of your call centres. You should have guidelines for monitoring the quality of the call like how they address people, how much effort they put to guide the customers, and more.

Share Performance Reports with Staff
A contact centre manager must communicate to its staff about the performance or failures of the department. Things like the volume of calls, average speed to answer, and more can be valuable information for the staff and will help the manager to provide additional support in case there is some problem.

If you want to upgrade your legacy call centre to a modern contact centre, Healthcare MarTech is there to help you out. We have a highly skilled team of professionals that take care of everything from planning to execution of a modern contact centre.