Google E-A-T and Healthcare: How to Deliver High-Quality Content According to Google’s Guidelines

Google demands high-quality standards from healthcare websites as it believes that it creates a huge impact on a person’s life. We all know that some are keen on spreading misinformation, especially on topics related to healthcare. That’s why Google expects healthcare websites to present medical and health content that deliver the utmost levels of trustworthiness.

This is the main reason why healthcare websites should follow E-A-T. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness or in short E-A-T, is a method through which Google evaluates your website and the content present in it. But, what is it exactly? Why is there a need to adhere to Google’s guidelines, especially, for the healthcare sector? In this post, we are going to share all the information you need to know about Google E-A-T and the healthcare content.

What are Google’s Stringent Search Quality Guidelines?
Google recently released its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (SQEG) which is a mecca for maintaining high standards for websites globally. The document is used for the evaluation of the website’s quality for search results. The document also shows that healthcare websites fall under a highly sensitive category known as Your Money or Your Life (YMYL).

But what is YMYL?
As per Google, YMYL is a page that delivers information to users which can impact their lives, safety, financial stability, and more. Simply put, healthcare websites deeply impact a person’s life as it delivers some vital health-related information. This means that these websites should have high-quality E-A-T. Now, you know why SQEG is of utter importance and why you should adhere to it like anything.

4 Ways Through which you can Incorporate it
E-A-T and Healthcare Content: The first and foremost thing you should do is be E-A-T compliant. SEQS says that E-A-T is highly important for rating a page quality. As per the guidelines, high-quality E-A-T should be only written or produced by those who have in-depth knowledge or accreditation of the medical field. Furthermore, the content should be written in a professional style, meaning that it should be reviewed, updated, and edited regularly. Here are some ways through which you easily incorporate E-A-T into your content:

  • Create high-quality and accurate content about the topic.
  • Regularly update it for better accuracy.
  • Make sure the author credentials should be readily available to patients or visitors and there should be enough evidence to support the author’s expertise in the field.

Create High-Quality Main Content: The second step is to create a high-quality website that helps the visitors to achieve their purpose of the search. The main content should be refined to deliver precise information to the user. Furthermore, one should first evaluate the purpose of each page before creating content for it. You should know how much is enough for your website and it should be factually accurate and written with clarity.

Provide Satisfying Website Information: You should keep in mind that pages should carry clear information about the website, which makes it easier for the visitors to understand and feels trustworthy. So, make sure that you provide the information about who is responsible for the site’s content. Without this, your ranking will drop drastically on Google.

Build a Positive Online Reputation: Your online reputation plays a vital role to derive a positive ranking system for your website. Google tells evaluators to look for different sources to gauge their online reputation. These include reviews, articles, and more. So, if you have a positive online reputation then you will be highly benefited from the search results. However, if there is a negative online reputation, then Google will consider you as a low-quality site and this will hamper your online business.

This is where Search Engine optimization will come to your rescue. SEO is not just about on-page factors and more, it is also responsible for building up quality healthcare content. So, if your website does not meet Google’s guidelines, we are here to help you. We, at Healthcare MarTech, will provide a customized solution that will help to deliver a high-quality healthcare website that will meet all the standards of Google.