7 Common Technical SEO Problems That Affects your Google Ranking

When your website not performing well and not getting any visibility on Google? Well, then it might be due to some technical SEO mistakes. SEO is an important part of any website and any technical mistake can throttle the effectiveness of your website. It also decreases the chance of getting a good ranking on Google. So, if your healthcare website is not getting the response you expected, it might be due to some common SEO mistakes. However, the moment you identify these pain points, the rest of the journey is smooth sailing. Here are some common technical SEO mistakes that most healthcare websites make that hamper their visibility on Google or any other search engine.

Lack of Proper Site Structure
One of the most common mistakes people make when with their website is the lack of proper site architecture. We have seen multiple healthcare websites that lack the right structure. This greatly affects your Google ranking. Why? Because people find it difficult to search and navigate on your website. And same goes with the search engine. So, if you want your website to get some good visibility on Google, you must create a well-organized website that is easy to navigate for both end-users and search engines.

Missing or No Landing Pages
Another common mistake that most healthcare websites make is the missing of important landing pages. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes healthcare brand makes on their websites. Landing pages are vital for your websites and are vital for SEO and user experience (UX). As a thumb of rule, a healthcare website should have at least a Homepage, Service Pages, a Blog, a Contact Us page, and an About Us page.

Little Support Content for Main Topics
Once you have identified that your website architecture and missing landing pages, it is now time to look at the supporting content for major topics on your website. One of the biggest mistakes healthcare websites make is by providing little content on their website. This does not only negatively affect your website, but also makes it difficult for users to understand your services. With proper content, you can easily rank your website on search engines with ease.

Overdoing optimization on Website and Blog
While we agree that doing SEO on your website will surely be ripe with good fruits, but overdoing it will also spoil it. Over-optimizing your website or blog will do more harm than good. So, be cautious of not overdoing the optimization like adding too many keywords, using too many H1s on a page or adding non-relevant words on your website. We have noticed that healthcare websites often have multiple articles or blogs on the same topic. Now, imagine all these pages will try to rank for the same set of keywords, meaning that it will create a negative impact on your website.

No Proper URL Structure
Like other SEO elements are important for your website, the URL structure is also just as important. The URL structure should be user-friendly for not only search engines but also for users. You should make sure that your URL does not lose the path when it goes to deeper pages.

Not Great Site Performance or Page Speed
We have noticed that many of the healthcare sites have slow page speeds. This means that whenever a user opens their website or a search engine scans it, it loads content at a slow pace. This greatly affects the SEO and also hampers the user experience. Make sure your website has a faster page speed. Google will only scroll your website if it has a faster page speed and it will help you in better ranking.

Lack of Health and Medical Schema
Finally, one of the most common technical SEO issues with healthcare websites is the lack of medical schema markup. But what is it exactly? This is a snippet that is added to the HTML code. This allows search engines to read your website faster and help you to provide more informative results to your customers. We have seen that rich snippets attract users’ attention and increases the chances of click-through rates and improves rankings.

So, if your website is facing any problem and is not ranking or lagging behind your competition, it is high time that you should consider SEO now. If you are looking for assistance, Healthcare MarTech is happy to help. We have a team of industry-leading experts that will audit your website and identify the problematic areas. This will help you to generate more traffic, leads, Dr Appointment and revenue from your website.